Business School Essays Writing How-to

Most Essential Keys to Writing Business School Essays

The more you write, the less you say. That’s the first commandment for Harvard business school essays needed to be complete by applicants, seeking to embark on a career of a businessman. Write less, say more. Now, that’s the main provision for Columbia business school essays, when each year another thousand students seek to get a place on the campus. Is there any bottom line here?

Writing a business essay, focus on producing as many words as needed. For example, in Stanford business school essays use to be pretty short, developing a quite simple topic. However, don’t let this alleged simplicity fool you. MBA essay requires some titanic work to be done in order to succeed, while this article will shed light on the most essential writing do’s and don’ts.

5 things MBA officials want to see in your business essay

Answer the question in the task. You will be surprised how many bright applicants fail just by not leaving up to addressing business essay topics given in the assignment. Not because it’s too difficult, simply because they were too excited and hence – inattentive. So, don’t drink too much coffee while doing your admission essay and read requirements extra-carefully.

Focus on ‘why’ rather than ‘what’. Being a businessman means seeing through things, understanding the essence of events and being able to erect a cause-and-effect link. Thus, never tell what happened, better tell WHY it happened. And, most preferable, how are you going to use that knowledge to your business advantage.

Write as much as needed, preferably even less. Businessmen aren’t poets. They are busy folks, and they would rather calculate profits than read another milk-and-water business school essay by another applicant. So, have a wise head on your shoulders and provide consistent, informative and resonating content. Plus, fetch a really short introduction, that’s must-have.

Prove you’re a valuable asset. Financial wallahs see students as assets, a source of potential income. Act appropriately, using your essay for business school as a mean to reveal your viability and usefulness. Show your skills and point out your virtues, but never brag.

Stick to the business essay format. Creativity is good but in moderate amounts. History knows cases of super-creative essays done by many prominent economists and businessmen. But their read was awesome, although a bit non-standard. Therefore, let your creativity loose only if you’re 150% sure your essay will blow minds. Still, risks are high, which is the domain of top-class managers.

3 reasons why admission board won’t even read your business essay

Flattery at every corner. Seven business school essays out of ten are turned down because of flattery. Students think telling professors they are awesome will score them points. Never had they been so wrong! Flattery has no place in a winning MBA admission paper.

Bragging all the way to go. In the eyes of the application board, you’re just a student looking to become someone reputable in the world of business. Boasting you’re any more than that opinion won’t make you any good. Even if you’re better than the committee themselves, a smart manager would never open up about that.

Poor proofreading. Basic skills of writing three-page essay are must-have. Once again, you’re not a poet and novel writer, still you have to possess a good command of English grammar, style, syntax, and punctuation to apply for MBA.

Should you find yourself in trouble writing a business ethics essay, for example, simply download a free MBA reference paper and consult any time you feel puzzled. Today sample business school essays are to be found at many credible websites like

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