College Essay Examples: How to Write a Winning One

Winning Example Essay for Your College Homework

Every beginning is difficult. This is particularly true if you want to write an essay for university or college. Sometimes you don’t feel inspired or maybe just not organized enough to articulate your thoughts well. But don’t worry – with a little planning, researching and hard working, it will be much easier for you to start working on an essay.

Types and Writing Tips

Each essay begins with an introduction in which you introduce your thesis statement. The central thesis explains the actual issue of your article. The strong thesis statement is clear and concrete. It names the topic and show author’s point of view about represented problem. If you want to learn how to begin your work on essay, just look at some thesis statement examples for essays:

  • Weak: “USA has a lot of interesting music festivals”. The thesis is too broad because the author can’t discuss all music festivals in the USA. Even if the writer can do this, it doesn’t represent his/her opinion about why these festivals are good enough.
  • Strong: “Coachella is popular music, and art festival features different music genres, including indie, rock, hip hop, and electronic dance, as well as sculptures and art installations”. This thesis statement is quite accurate, and it clearly shows the writer’s opinion with supported ideas.

There’re several examples of essays that students face in the college. Most students would rather swim in a pool full of piranhas than write an excellent college essay example. Each teacher has various requirements for different essays (for example, specific word counts), but also there are special constant rules for every example of an essay. So read following guideline attentively to be sure how to write the type of required essay.

Five-Paragraph Essay

Being able to write 5 paragraph essay example is an important experience that you need to get through the education system. This classical type of an essay helps students to develop and organize their ideas in the writing form.

It’s not a surprise that five-paragraph essay consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction includes the general information about your subject, presents a particular thesis statement and lifts the veil on what your three body paragraphs will be about.

Each of three main body paragraphs focuses on the single idea that supports the thesis statement. More details and specific examples make the idea convincing and clear. The conclusion has a restatement of the central thesis, emphasizes the importance of the topic and summarizes all body paragraphs ideas.

Classification Essay

In the classification essay examples, you can find an organization of things, people or ideas arranging by characteristics into particular groups or classes. There’re three easy steps to effective classification essay: organize things into categories, make sure that this useful categories follow a single organizing principle and provide each group with appropriate examples. The thesis statement of classification example essay usually consists of the topic and how it’s classified.

Process Essay

These examples of college essays are like recipes: they give instruction for carrying out a task or procedure. Process or how-to essay examples can be written about any operation that you find interesting: how to wash a cat or rent your first apartment. Let’s review process essay examples more detailed.

Process Analysis Essay Examples

As we mentioned before process analysis essay examples describe a series of steps or events. The great thing about this kind of example college essays is that it can be really helpful. The author has to remember that when readers finish this article, they will learn how to do something that they didn’t know how to do before.

There are two basic types of process analysis essay example:

  • Directional: how to do something. Provides direction to achieve a result;
  • Informational: how something works. Explain something to a reader.

If you need to write process analysis essay, keep in mind these three basic steps:

  • 1. Divide the process into well-defined steps following a time order and have a clear purpose.
  • 2. Use effectual transitional words that help clarify your essay (phrases like next, then, after doing this, etc.)
  • 3. Read your text carefully and edit it.

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