Creating A Convincing Expository Essay

The aim of expository essays is to completely and fairly present other people’s views or to report about an event or situation. In expository writing, the writer presents a subject in detail, apart from criticism, argument or development. The writer gives makes an idea easier to understand by analysing it and explaining what is difficult to understand. Exposition generally proceeds through the orderly analysis of parts and the use of familiar illustrations or analogies.

Such an analysis will require reading the ideas developed in an article by clearly stating another proponent’s thesis, outlining the facts that the author used to support that thesis, and the values underlying these ideas. This is followed by putting the material into a larger context through relating another proponent’s article or book to other work in the same field. You should be able to clearly and effectively communicate this information to a defined audience. This is achieved by writing clearly and fully enough for the readers to know and understand you you have arrived at your analyses and conclusions.

The thesis statement should be clearly defined and at the same time narrow enough to be supported within the essay. Each supporting paragraph should have a distinct controlling topic which should make all other sentences factually relate directly to it. It is important to construct transition statements well so they can help the reader follow your logic. The conclusion paragraph should also restate briefly the thesis and main supporting ideas. You can then finish your essay with a statement that reinforces your position in a meaningful and memorable way. It is important to note that new material is never introduced in the conclusion.

Below are sample topics for expository Essays

  • Explain A Main Interpretation of Green Marketing
  • Explain How Fashion Changes in the 1950s Influenced Fashion Trends Today
  • Explain Major Ecological Changes Happening in the Equatorial Zone
  • What is Love
  • Explain the Consequences of Nationalism to the Economy

As with other types of essays, it is important for you to choose a topic you are most comfortable writing about as it gives more depth to the ideas you provide in the essay.

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