Hillside Strangler Term Paper Outline

Writing a term paper on a topic that is related to real life incidents or the media industry is going to be an enjoyable task as there is rich material and deep background available easily. In this case, Hillside Strangler is a topic that fits the above conditions for an interesting term paper topic.

Therefore, if you have been assigned the task of writing on this topic then a Hillside Strangler term paper outline is what you need to assist you in your writing assignment. Therefore you have clicked your way to the relevant article as this article will provide you with a comprehensive Hillside Strangler term paper outline.

Before we proceed further with this Hillside Strangler term paper outline, we need to clarify what context of this topic we are writing on. Hillside Strangler is actually a real life incident regarding serial killers, and therefore there is a film based on them. So this Hillside Strangler term paper outline covers both these areas for your convenience and added value. This is because the movie is based on real life incidents.

  • The term Hillside Strangler is actually a nickname given by the media for 2 men namely Kenneth and Angelo Buono;
  • These were no ordinary men. These 2 cousins were convicted for the rape, kidnapping and death of girls and women between the ages of 12 to 28 during a 4 month period in the late 1977 and early 1978;
  • The first murder was a Hollywood prostitute named Yolanda Washington. The corpse was found near the Forest Lawn Cemetery and it appeared as if she had been raped;
  • The next victim was in California who was a teenage girl who had similar indications of being attacked. Her name was Judith Lynn Miller;
  • Throughout the coming months, many bodies of girls were discovered which went through signature tactics by the 2 cousins;
  • The trial was intensive and the law successfully charged the 2 for the crimes;
  • The nickname was earned because of their signature killings in terms of violence and region;
  • The film was directed by Chuck Parello in 2004;
  • Further adaptations were in 1989 which was made for television under the title of ‘The Case of the Hillside Stranglers’. In 2006 there was a direct-to-video titled ‘Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders.

This Hillside Stranger term paper outline should provide a solid foundation and firm grasp on the understanding of these 2 criminals. You can write on this topic from a movie critic, criminal justice, judicial system or psychologist point of view.

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