How to Write Animal Testing Essay

Writing an Animal Testing Essay in a Couple of Hours

Essays on animal testing may take any of these sides, and both can be supported by good arguments. Whether your tutor asked you to write an essay against animal testing, or to express your viewpoint which, or to create persuasive animal testing persuasive essay highlighting both sides with strong argumentation, this article might give you some advices about how to create a convincing paper in a couple of hours.

Persuasive essay on animal testing

Every standardized testing essay, as well as animal testing essay, requires strong argumentation and logical structure. Here is a small guide for you:

  • Firstly, you should give a brief background.

Describe history of animal testing and they way it was perceived in different epochs. Ancient Greeks practiced surgery on living animals called vivisection. During Middle Ages and Renaissance the science developed rapidly, and vivisection was practiced by biologists. At those times, it was already apposed.

For instance, you may mention the position of Charles Darwin in your persuasive essay on animal testing. He was a great biologist of the19th century and his opinion was that animal testing is acceptable for scientific reasons, but it is disgusting when people do it of curiosity. Since the 20th century, the opposition has grown.

  • Secondly, describe the position of modern scientists about animal testing.

In the next part of your essay on animal testing you may mention that modern scientists use animal tests to discover harmful effects of drugs and chemicals, hoping that these reactions could be avoided later when the products will be used on humans. The aim is to test these items as accurately as possible to reduce the risk to people.

  • The previous argument introduces the main scientific argument for and against animal testing at the same time.

Though, animal testing essays should describe both sides of the argument and here lies the joint of both. On the one side, the animal testing may help to avoid some of the negative reactions on the human. On the other side, many results do not scale to human.

The problem is that even the most related animals, like chimpanzees and monkeys, can react very differently to chemicals and substances than a human would. For instance, testing a human food on animals is often pointless because of the physical differences between humans and other mammals. The same is with chemical substances: many of them are completely safe for humans and dangerous to animals. For example, dogs are poisoned by chocolate and cats react negatively to tea tree oil, while both substances are safe to humans.

  • The other argument against animal testing is that animals are suffering during the experiments which often turn to be pointless.

The necessity to test new medicines may justify the animal testing, cosmetics are also tested on mammals. Many people fairly believe that cosmetics are unnecessary and are an optional luxury, therefore, it is reasonable to test them on human volunteers or mention that people who use them may face allergic or other adverse reactions. Basing on the fact that cosmetics is a non-essential product, one may conclude that it is not reasonable to make animals suffer to produce them.

Writing your essay, use the terms accurately. For instance, vivisection is often used by students as a general name of animal testing. However, it is a specific type of surgery and does not include any chemical or drug testing. In your persuasive essay you should not use emotional language – facts presented in a clear way are much more effective. Finally, some shocking statistics of testing that takes place in industrialized countries may be more appealing than exaggerated comparisons or melodramatic exclamations.

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