Outline Writing

Prepare An Outline Before You Start Writing

Once you get to graduate studies, writing an essay or paper is very common. People who are not blessed with good writing skills often struggle in graduate studies when it comes to writing papers and reports. The purpose of this article is to address a rather specific issue related with writing i.e. persuasive essay. Regardless of the type of essay or paper you are writing, the most important and crucial aspect which decides the quality of your essay is the outline you make at the start. It can make all the difference in the world and therefore it is always advised to students to make an outline of the persuasive essay and then start writing. In order to make this task easier, we will suggest some tips in the following section of this article.

Focus on the main argument

The first tip is to be precise about what you are addressing in your argumentative essay. To put another way, what is the point you are making regarding a controversy. Yet put another way, what stance are you taking. When we talk about writing papers and essays, it is important for every student to be comfortable about writing a thesis statement since they are the key to getting higher marks in essays. For those of you who do not know what a thesis statement is, it basically refers to one detailed sentence that convey the readers the gist of your main argument. A good idea would be to place thesis statement at the end of every paragraph of your argumentative essay. Coming up with a concise and coherent thesis statement should be your priority when making an outline.

Supporting evidences

The next step in making an outline is to come up with statements that act as a supporting evidence for your thesis statement. Instead of giving six to seven such supporting arguments, a better idea would be to stick with three to four and make them convincing and do not refrain from going into details. In order to make your essay more persuasive and argumentative, you are highly advised to include real-life examples as well to further your arguments.
Another worth noting aspect in writing argumentative essay is not to forget the counter-side arguments. You should attempt to take such arguments head-on and give your own counter-arguments.

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