Persuasive Essay Structure

How To Write An Excellent Persuasive Essay?

Students often face difficulties writing an argumentative essay and there are several reasons behind this. Before we go into the details of those reasons, it is worth pausing here and to know the main objective behind writing a persuasive essay. Students basically learn the art of persuading other people through writing these kinds of essay. Now why does a student need to learn the art of persuasion? Well, no matter which company you join it has to have a marketing department and that is where a student gets to see things getting practical. The whole concept of marketing is to persuade people in buying things from you.

Seek professional opinion

Turning back to the original topic of discussion, in order to write an excellent argumentative essay preliminary preparations are extremely important. Before you start writing the essay, you need to adequately think about it. This requires researching a lot and seeking professional opinions from different forums and communities. You will soon enough find answers which you can write in the essay to support your arguments. The next section of the article will tell the readers about the structure which students should follow when writing persuasive essay.

Your stance should be clear

When writing the introductory section of the article, your focus should be on just stating the general problem or controversy you are trying to address in your essay. In addition to that, the stance which you are taking should be part of the introduction. Worth emphasizing here is the fact that the essence of a persuasive essay is that you take a stance and then persuade the readers. In this regard, your stance must not be vague or it will cost you a lot of marks.

Do not exceed the word limit

Once you have written the introduction, you will move on the main body of the essay. Since, the aim is to convince readers to your point by arguments so it would be better if you quote only from credible and reliable sources. It would be wise to stick with two to three arguments and then elaborate on them. If you state too many arguments then the chances are that you are going to exceed the word limit which could entail a penalty in the form of few marks.
So, what are you waiting for?

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