Romeo and Juliet Essay Questions and Tips

Also, your thesis should be strong and clear. The body paragraphs should be well-organized and have some supporting evidence. Besides that, the conclusion for Romeo and Juliet essay should restate your thesis.

Romeo and Juliet compare and contrast essay may be more complicated than a simple essay on Romeo and Juliet, actually. Romeo and Juliet persuasive essay is also the hard thing to deal with. But, your essay should be about three or two pages long. This task requires some solid research and organizing skills. You should be very focused and careful.

And here you have some good Romeo and Juliet essay topics to explore and think about.

Also, you will find some helpful Romeo and Juliet essay prompts and Romeo and Juliet essay questions below.

Suggested Romeo and Juliet essay topics

  • 1. You should talk about the relation between the suicidal impulse of both Romeo and Juliet and the common theme of young love. Does the author connect the self-destructive tendency and love of young people? Or maybe it is just a separate issue? Tell about your thoughts about this point.
  • 2. One of the most interesting topics about this masterpiece is the relationships between parents and children in Romeo and Juliet. You should talk about the interaction of Romeo and Juliet with their parents. Can you name them the rebellious youth of those days? Tell about the feelings of their parents.
  • 3. You should talk about the role of Mercutio in the whole store besides his clashing scene with Tybalt. Can you say that he is just a simple supporting character with comic impact? Or maybe his role is more serious?
  • 4. What is the treat for death in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare? You should complete your full answer in the form of familial, legal, moral, and personal issues. There are lots of young deaths in this book. You should compare two deaths of young people Romeo and Juliet. Besides that, you should talk about the murders and clashing between Mercutio and Tybalt, Romeo and Mercutio.

Study Questions

  • 1. You should talk about the effect of accelerated time on the whole play’s production. What was the effect? Are there any doubts that the life and love story of magnitude like this could happen so quickly?

Actually, the whole story can certainly seem to take place over a time span much longer. It is because of the rushing of the love relationships between main characters. The complex development of the main events just for the few days also plays a role here. The author tried to add some more weight for the whole story and every little moment by compressing his story for just a few days. Also, Shakespeare tells us that the events were happening very quickly and main characters had no time to think about the whole situation around them. This rush gives us the sense of pressure.

  • 2. You should tell about the contrast between two main characters of the play. Just try to compare two personalities of Romeo and Juliet. You should show their developments through the whole play. What caused the love between them?

Romeo is very complicated character because of his passions, intelligence, and extremely excitable nature. He is much admired in Verona. He is a good friend and very loyal. At the same time, his is very unpredictable due to his age and nature. The love to Juliet takes the whole control of him.

At the same time, Juliet is just an innocent girl. She is still a child, actually. Her love of Romeo is very unexpected and strong. She grows mentally through the whole play due to her feelings to Romeo.

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