How do I buy custom essays from BuyDissertations.net?

If you purchase essay papers from BuyDissertations.net, you will quickly learn that this is the easiest way to academic success. Buying essays online from our online custom essay service is not problematic at all! All one needs to do is to fill out the BuyDissertations.net order form, make a payment using PayPal or any major credit card, and wait for his or her custom essay paper to be completed within the chosen deadline.

Shall we take a closer look at how our service works?

To begin buying essays online, the customer fills out the order form and proceeds with his or her payment.

When students buy custom essays writing, they often have questions. Should questions arise about any aspect of the process, all the customer needs to do is click the “info” sign after each field. A detailed hint will appear via a pop-up window. After customers have purchased essay orders, they will be automatically provided with a Personal order page where he or she can track the progress of any order, upload materials or send messages to the administrators or to his or her writer.

Every writer is hand selected to fill the custom essay paper order based on qualifications.

The qualified staff at BuyDissertations.net hand selects the writer most qualified to write authoritatively about a specific custom essay paper. Customers should mention any particular literature, software, et al that is needed to complete an assignment when they initially place the order.

Once a custom essay order is completed, it is delivered to the Personal order page.

When a writer completes a paper, it is delivered to the customer’s Personal order page in PDF format. We automatically provide our customers with the MS Word version of the order after they click the “Approve” button in the “Files” list of their Personal order page. Customers are always welcome to request free revisions with the new revision deadline for the writer.

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When I buy custom essays from BuyDissertations.net, is your service confidential?

When customers buy a paper for a cheap price from BuyDissertations.net, they will be asked to provide such personal information as their names, telephone numbers and email addresses. BuyDissertations.net carefully guards each customer’s confidentiality when they buy their papers from us. We never distribute or sell anyone’s personal of financial information to the third parties. It is crucial that our customers know that a member of our customers support team may contact them using only a specific phone number that is stated on our web site. We ask that our customers do not communicate with anyone that introduces him or herself as BuyDissertations.net support staff when phoning from other phone numbers! They are warned to be aware that our customer service representatives will never require any customer to provide his or her credit card information via telephone conversation. This should be entered only during the payment process. The BuyDissertations.net support team will send a confirmation email to each customer’s Personal order page when the payment has been received. Our Privacy Policy page contains further information.

Where is BuyDissertations.net located?

We exist as a London-incorporated academic writing company. We have been working with students from the UK, United States, Australia and Canada since 2005.

How can I pay for my paper? Is your website safe for financial transactions?

We utilize both Moneybookers and PayPal to ensure our customers’ safety. These are two secure companies noted for their high quality service and secure websites.

Why do you sell your essays for such a cheap price?

It is the BuyDissertations.net philosophy to set our prices so that any student, even the one on a tight budget, can afford to procure academic assistance from BuyDissertations.net. To better the situation, we also offer generous discounts in addition to the low prices that we charge. However, as students who regularly buy their work from us will attest, the low prices never indicate a low quality.

Do you offer money back guarantees?

We fully guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. Please read the information included on our “Money Back Guarantee” page on our website.

Who does the writing at BuyDissertations.net?

Here at BuyDissertations.net, we only hire the best, most highly qualified, native English-speaking writers. Each writer that we hire has extensive professional and academic experience and holds an advanced level college degree. All of our writers have specialty areas about which they are certified experts. When customers purchase their papers from us, we assign the orders to the writers most qualified to write about the given topic.

May I choose a specific writer to work on my paper?

Returning customers to BuyDissertations.net have the opportunity to request a writer if he or she has previously worked on an order for that customer. When ordering a paper, the customer that wants a specific writer needs to select the “I want a specific writer” option and select that exact writer when the list drops down in a new window. We ask that our customers make certain that they do this exactly as indicated above to assure that the writer they select is actually assigned to write their orders. Failure to request specific writers using the method described above voids any guarantee that a particular writer will be assigned. Customers MUST follow these directions!

Where do your writers come from?

BuyDissertations.net employs writers from all over the English-speaking world. Each demonstrates a mastery of English language and an excellent understanding of the subject that he or she is assigned to write about. All customers are ensured to get the writing quality that fully corresponds to the level of academic difficulty that they select when placing the order.

Can I have contact with the writer that will be writing my paper?

We do allow communication between our customers and the writers that are working on their specific papers. Communication is allowed to transpire on the customer’s Personal Order page. Customers are notified when there are messages waiting from their writers. It is the responsibility of the customer to check his or her inbox regularly to ascertain whether or not the writer has questions regarding their orders.

Will plagiarism ever be a problem in an order completed by the BuyDissertations.net writers?

Simply put, “No!” All papers are guaranteed to be 100% original. We employ our own detection system for plagiarism. It easily detects any variety of plagiarism, whatsoever, which is immediately eliminated from the document.

Do you keep pre-written essays in your database?

Previously completed orders are kept temporarily in our database for the express purpose of ensuring that all papers written by BuyDissertations.net are plagiarism-free and that our writers do not resubmit previous orders.

What is the format of your custom essays?

Our writers compose all academic papers in the standardized accepted academic format of the customer’s choice. Typically, this entails: 1-inch margins, Approximately 300 words per page, formatted with 12 point Times New Roman font, and, of course, double-spaced. Students, who need special formatting for a paper, are asked to include this request in the “Paper instructions” that are on the website.

When will my paper be completed?

During the order process, customers are allowed to select from a number of different delivery options. The time selected will be calculated automatically as soon as the customer’s payment has been received. For instance, if a student pays for an order at 5 o’clock on Tuesday and selects a 2-day delivery option, he or she will receive the paper by 5 o’clock on Thursday.

We request that our customers allow from 1-3 hours for our writers to work on each page that needs to be completed if they select the “Urgent” deadline. This will ensure the highest possible quality of each paper. We also request that customers upload any additional files and materials during the initial ordering of their papers. Failure to do so will postpone the order’s deadline. The “Progressive Delivery” option will result in an individual delivery schedule that the assigned writer will complete as directed.

Deadline for the final submission is classified as the exact date upon which a customer submits his or her assignment. We ask that customers make sure their final submission deadline comes after the deadline for their first draft by a minimum of 30%. This will assure a sufficient time for unlimited free revisions and amendments.

Can you please tell me about Progressive Delivery?

BuyDissertations.net offers a Progressive Delivery service as a unique service specifically designed for the completion of extended academic writing orders such as doctoral dissertations, theses and capstone projects. If a customer cares to order this type of academic writing and wants the delivery of the project to be delivered in sections as the writing progresses, this can be requested for a 10% additional charge. Our unique Progressive Deliver service is detailed as follows:

  • Students may pay for their orders in segments;
  • Customers can maintain a closer communication with their writers;
  • Receive the work chapter-by-chapter or section-by-section;
  • Scheduled academic work in advance.

Progressive Delivery operates according to this outline:

  • The customer places an order and we set up a Progressive Delivery;
  • The most qualified writer is assigned to begin working on the order;
  • Each chapter or section of the order is returned to the customer according to the PD schedule;
  • The customer may review the work as it progresses, comment on each section after it;
  • Each chapter or section is revised accordingly;
  • The customer receives a fully completed paper that requires minimal or zero revisions.

How do I complete the order form?

When filling out the order form, customers are asked to specify their topics, the desired page count, the chosen delivery date, as well as the number of sources to be used. They should leave any comments pertaining to exactly how they would like their order to appear. They also need to indicate the title of the course, the preferred writing style, and any other desired details. Customer comments are crucial to our writers so they can glean a better understanding of the type of work the assignment requires. In case any questions arise while submitting the customer’s information into the order form, he or she needs only to click on the “info” button after each field to see a detailed helpful hint.

Students may also place free inquiries if they have particularly complicated instructions for the paper and would like to double check the progress as it is being made.

How can I send information about my paper to the writer?

After the order form has been completed, the customer is automatically provided with his or her own Personal Order page. Any required materials such as articles, files or case studies, may be securely attached directly to the list marked, “files” on his or her personal order page. Once the materials have been uploaded to that list, they immediately become visible to the writer who can then freely use them as needed. If the customer should experience any difficulties with uploading his or her files, they may contact one of our friendly, fully-accessible customer service representatives for assistance. Customer service representatives are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is a personal order page and how does one use it?

BuyDissertations.net provides a personal order page that enables every customer to track every order’s progress as it is being written. This is the page that also enables the customer to upload any materials that are required and to communicate with the administrators, customer service representatives and writers that work here at BuyDissertations.net.

Every Personal order page contains:

  • “Your Orders” area, that assists the customer in tracking the history of all orders that have been placed with BuyDissertations.net;
  • “New Order” is the area in which customers can submit their requests for new papers;
  • “The Profile” section that contains personal information and gives the customers the option to change their account information and password, if desired;
  • Customers are also able to check their “Order Information” and to use the “Messages” button to communicate with BuyDissertations.net administrators and writers.

What do I do if I forget my password?

When placing an order with BuyDissertations.net, the customer is asked to create an original password. If the customer forgets his or her password while submitting an order form, he or she is asked to follow the “Click here if you can’t remember your password!” link to receive information about how to reset the password.

How do I receive my paper?

Once the writer completes an order, the customer receives notification via email. The email contains a link to the customer’s Personal Order page where the paper can be downloaded. As the deadline draws near, the customer should make a point of checking the page directly so that no misunderstandings will occur. We ask that they make note of the fact that we only send files by email if requested specially by the customer.

How do I download a printable version of my order in Microsoft Word?

Customers may download printable versions of their files after the PDF version has been approved. They may find their files in the section of our website that is labeled “Files”.

What should I do if I have not received the file by my paper’s deadline?

In cases in which the customer has not received their papers on time, they should contact us right away. Oftentimes, this indicates that the customer has mistakenly entered the wrong email address on the order form or some other problem that is not the fault of BuyDissertations.net.

What if I am not happy with my paper?

Customers are entitled to unlimited revisions and amendments free of charge. If, after attempting to revise the paper to make the customer happy, the customer wishes to request a full refund, we will issue it with no questions asked. BuyDissertations.net guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Will you please tell me about the “samples service” that BuyDissertations.net offers?

Upon the customer’s request, BuyDissertations.net will supply three randomly generated pages form previously completed orders that were written by a specific writers assigned to an order. This enables our customers to get acquainted with the writing style of a given writer, and gives them an opportunity to switch writers, if desired. There is a 2 hour window in which this switch may be decided on by the customer, based on the time the samples are sent for the customer’s perusal. Failure to request a different writer within this specific time frame will invalidate the guarantee of the writer the customer wants. There is an additional $5 fee for this service.